Learn all about the production side, and browse our event professionals ready to get working.

Build Your Perfect Festival Site

Learn how Site Management is a lot more than just good looking port-a-lets.

Watch it All Come Together

Utilize our expertise to help you build large audiences and lasting memories.

Production Guide

超碰logoOur Production Guide includes topics on staging, sound, lights, video, backline, and more

Site Operations Guide

超碰logoOur Site Operations Guide includes topics on power, heavy machinery, fencing, barricade, tables, tents, chairs, port-a-lets, and more

Talent Buying and Artist Relations Guide

Our Talent Buying and Artist Relations guide includes topics on sourcing and negotiating talent, contracting, redlining riders, advancing hospitality, transportation, lodging, and more

Security Guide

Our Security Guide features topics on police, EMS, fire, security staff, crowd control, ingress/egress, and more

Festival and Event Articles

A regularly updated set of articles on the event and festival scene written by a rotating selection of event professionals
Thanks to Mike, Kara, Rachel, and the team behind these guides, our festival had its best year yet. - P.O., Austin