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Tracking of assets is handled through instrumentation of assets and locating its position at periodic intervals.



Tracing of ingredients, parts that make up other finished goods using state of the art IoT methods.



Ensuring system performance of digital assets is monitored to prevent outages pro- actively.



Ensuring that digital assets are performing at maximum efficiency.



Measuring utilization of assets to make decisions on the adding capacity or selling spare capacity.


failure detection

Real time failure detection can prevent catastrophic situations in mission critical applications.



Dynamic address resolution among devices .



Confirm the validity of devices.



Enable inter-device communications.



Inter-device e-commerce using fiat/cryptocurrency.


consumer engagement?

The NetObjex IoT? is used for consumer engagement. In Retail, better pricing, merchandising, product placement decisions made using sensor data.


beacon campaigns?

We have a comprehensive solution for fleet and campaign management for beacons and sensors.

why choose netObjex

Time to market.

You can always choose to roll your own platform but that always takes more time and moneythan you think.? With compressed time frames in a world where technology evolves rapidly,you run the risk of being obsolescent by the time you build and deploy your solution. Oureasy to setup, turnkey system with a low learning curve and rapid deployment will save youtime, money and get your product off the ground in no time!

Soup to Nuts.

Our comprehensive platform extends from Edge devices to the Cloud and beyond (Distributedledgers, Enterprise systems and more). This gives you a breadth of capabilities withouthaving to do a lot of integration with multiple vendors. Solving difficult business problemsneeds a Comprehensive Toolset. All in a neatly engineered product where Product Design andAesthetics meet Engineering and UI/UX standards that meet the most discriminating customerneeds.?

Versatility is...

...our Middle Name.? You need to select the NetObjex platform over the others is because itis head and shoulders ahead of the pack in terms of features and functionality you need toget the job done.? We combine IoT, AI and Blockchain technologies in a seamless manner thatwill enable you to build secure, robust, smart solutions your competition will envy. Fromlaunching ICOs to IoT projects, we have your covered in your Digital journey.?


In an age where software hacking is the norm and not the exception, the last thing you wantis a solution that is susceptible to attacks.? NetObjex, being an end to end solution,enables one to have the peace of mind of 3 layer security.? First, we secure your edgedevices through the use of Secure Element hardware.? Next, we encrypt all communications fora wide variety of commonly used protocols.? Finally, we store vital data incryptographically secure distributed ledgers.? Peace of mind doesn’t have a price.

Look Ma, No Code!

The NetObjex Digital Twin Platform is turnkey. All you do is login, start defining yourconstructs via a simple point point & click web interface. You can be up and running in amatter of hours to days as opposed to months or years using other systems/frameworks. Add tothis code generation of firmware for edge devices, you have a Rapid Application Developmentenvironment. For those who prefer to pilot their own course, we offer SDKs and APIs formaximum flexibility.?

Dashboards Ahoy?!

Analytics and dashboards provide the insights into any system. They summarize, synthesize andcrystalize raw data into meaningful actionable information. The NetObjex Platform enablesyou to plug in dashboards easily with easy to use widgets to get you feature rich analyticsyour users will love. We support a plethora of datastores including ElasticSearch, MongoDB,Cassandra and SAP Data Hub. ?

Robust &? Scalable?.

Our systems are robust and scalable. Our team has engineered solutions which serve large userbases with subsecond response times. We have a flexible Docker-ized solution that enablesyou to run our systems on any cloud platform or even on premise. Rugged & Robust. Engineeredto scale.

Blockchain Aware?.

Blockchain awareness is a key differentiator in the NetObjex platform.? First, Blockchainprovides a fabric for registering devices to enable device discovery, authentication andtransaction.? Second, it enables secure software updates for systems involving edgedevices.? Third, when data is acquired from secure edge devices, blockchain providesgovernance through a secure, immutable ledger.? These capabilities are not found in otherDigital Twin platforms.

AI is the new Oil??.

Artificial intelligence is the lifeblood of modern computing.? Coupling AI with IoT andBlockchain is pure genius.? That is what we have done in the NetObjex platform.? Use IoT fordata acquisition in real time.? Use that data to drive machine learning.? Seek patterns andderive actions or insights.? Publish relevant events to blockchain to disseminateinformation to ecosystem partners.? AI is the new Oil and we are the engine to connect thebrains of your system to its technical nervous system.

Future Proof.

The NetObjex Digital Twin Platform has advanced features that future proofs it againstobsolescence.? First, it has a pluggable format for IDs for digital assets.? Second, itsupports a distributed ledger interoperability layer to enable users to search, aggregate,copy and perform other operations between ledgers.? In a world that will most certainly beone of multiple heterogenous ledgers, this is functionality you cannot afford not tohave.

HOWdoes our
technology work

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User Stories.

A true testament to the efficacy of any platform are its real world use cases. Perusethrough the diverse range of deployments that leverage our platform.

  • Did the guest in Room 427 leave the showerrunning?

    Aquai is an innovative startup with a game changing device and technology in theSmart water industry. Water conservation is a big issue worldwide with wide rangingbusiness and environmental implications. NetObjex is helping innovative companiessuch as Aquai bring exciting new innovation to life.

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  • Can you spot the counterfeitLouisVuitton?handbag from theoriginal?

    The luxury goods market is rampant with counterfeit products. Brands such as LouisVuitton and Chanel in fashion goods, or watch makers such as Rolex or Tag Hauer losebillions of dollars a year to counterfeiters. Bonafi turned to NetObjex and itsDigital Twin Platform to help develop this game changing new technology.

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  • One more reason why millennials love Brooklyn Public Library

    Let’s face it - no one leaves home without their mobile phones. When patrons atBrooklyn Public Library wanted to charge their mobile devices, the library needed asmart and secure charging station technology. NetObjex helps libraries improvepatron engagement.

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  • Wouldn’t you rather know your radiation exposure in 60 secs than wait 60 days?

    The Joint Commission on Accreditation, Health Care, Certification has cited thegrowing risk of radiation exposure in the practice of medicine. Clinitraq turned toNetObjex to help develop its hardware, firmware while leveraging NetObjex’s DigitalTwin Platform. NetObjex helps bring new scientific ideas to life.

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  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… …unless they are used diamonds

    A Virgin Diamond is a diamond has never been owned, never been worn by anyone. Youwill be the first to wear this beautiful gem- The history begins with you.TheVirginDiamond and NetObjex make it possible for the love of your life to receivea diamond as pure as your love.

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Latest News.


The NetObjex team has been instrumental in helping Foleum implement a platform to which we were able to provide token offerings. The team's technical knowledge and responsiveness were pivotal in navigating various technical nuances during development. Foleum continues to look forward in our growth and relationship in our partnership with NetObjex for future endeavors.

Nicholas Ward
Foleum Chief Technology Officer

Working with NetObjex has been a exceptional experience, where they understood my IOT requirements and exceeded my expectations with high quality results.

Wayne Goldman
Founder/CEO of Real Prize Games

The NetObjex Smart Mobile Charging Stations are helping BPL provide a valuable service to our customers.Patrons have the peace of mind that their phones are secure while being charged, freeing them to explore the facilities at our libraries.

Donnell Perkins
Manager of Enterprise Applications at Brooklyn Public Library

The NetObjex team did a fantastic job converting my charging station to include their state-of-the-art marketing data capture technology.We will definitely be using their expertise on our future projects.

Hartley White
President, ChargeBar Inc.

NetObjex has been a trusted partner in assisting Aquai develop state-of-the-art IoT capabilities in the Smart Water Sensor domain.

Mike Enkerlin
CEO of Aquai

The Clinitraq Smart Dosimeter technology is built on the NetObjex IoT-Blockchain Platform. These technologies are poised to change the face of how medical care is administered globally and we are glad to be partnered with NetObjex.

Dr. Divakar Krishnareddy
Founder/Chief Medical Officer Clinitraq

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