Day 1 and 2 of community service.

I don't know if any of you have ever had to do community service. But, it isn't as pleasant as it sounds (ha).

First, you are required to be there at 6:30a.m. (yes, the sun isn't even up). And you sit in a little concrete room that is actually an outside room with a 1982 version television that only plays Good Day LA (which officially made it hell on earth).

Day 1 - mostly just sat in the cold/bitter room and waited for instructions. Got to know my fellow C.S.ers who were all pretty cool.As they had some time under the belt, they decided to show me the ropes (mops and brooms) and told me what I'd be doing for 80 hours. Here are my duties:1.) sweeping and mopping the office 2.) picking up palm fronds from the roads of LA County. As we were sitting in the freezing room, wearing orange vests and working gloves, I remembered the moment that Reagan and I drove into the LA city limits.We could see the Hollywood sign, and I was like...this is the beginning of my glamorous new life.Enter the janitor mops.Alas, day 1 - I picked up trash around the building before heading to my "real job" in Beverly Hills.My cubicle never looked so good.

Day 2 - I was in charge of sweeping and mopping the office and little outside room. The office was SOO filthy. I suppose I should give it some slack, it is the office of a junkyard…but still. I was sweeping dirt from a dirt floor. After my first few minutes of sweeping, the supervisors gave me a look of complete dismay and claimed that I didn’t know how to use either a mop or a broom properly.Huh?I'm 26...I've been using a mop and broom off and on for years, but really...I've never know that there is a correct form to sweeping (dirt off of dirt!!).Regardless, I'm getting a Sweeping and Mopping for Dummies lesson on Monday.So, I'll be sure to share with all of you...in case you are in the dark like me.

Saturday, I am picking up palm fronds off the side of the street.I'll try to take some pics so you can see me in my worker bee form.It's classic. Next post - Eating like a rabbit.

Hey ho, let's go

My last night of B.C.

I had a great time...went out with great friends (KO, Joe, Reagan, Whitney, Tavia and John). We met at Katie's, had some food/drink, played some Wii (uhhh, dude - best game EVER. Although, 4 days later, my arms are still sore from the boxing game. I think that means I am out of shape. Who knew a Nintendo game would ever help me realize that!), then traveled by cab to Three Clubs.

Oh....Three Clubs. That place is so fun, so dirty, so magical. We partied til midnight...which came SHOCKINGLY fast. And then there I was....in 2007. The year of change. When I would make my life better. I would not break my resolutions (although, I hadn't made any at that point). I would be a better person, more responsible, healthier, livelier and finally, once and for all...get my shit together.

But - for my last hurrah of 2006, I had to ring out the Old Year right? So, we did....

Stay tuned for the next post....C.S./B.S.