This Special Interest Group of theAmerican Society for Indexing(ASI) was established in July 2000 as a resource for indexers and publishers of business-related materials.

To provide publicity for members, serve as a resource for job referrals among members, offernetworking and information exchange via the SIG discussion list, promote professional development,and advance awareness of quality indexes for business-related publications.

  • Professional indexers bring subject specialty knowledge, technical training, and experienceto each project, along with objectivity, perspective, a sense of proportion and priority, patience, and speed.
  • We look at your books or electronic documents from the user?s perspective, using synonyms, main headingand subheadings, double postings, and cross references to guide users efficiently back into the text.
  • We know and understand principles of information retrieval; know and follow publishers? index styleguidelines; use fast, efficient indexing software able to provide the index in a variety of print or electronicformats; and meet strict deadlines.


Daniel MacGillivray, Manager:

Carolyn Weaver, Webmaster: